Club History

Rotherham Motor Club began in September 1974, originally as a Students Union Motor Club at Rotherham College of Technology. It catered for all the students there, in particular the mining, engineering and motor vehicle students, who all had their own cars, but wanted to do something different at the weekends.

It was quickly recognised, that this club would have to register with the Motor Sports Association, in order to organise its own events. This was duly completed. Then, in order to compete in events organised by other clubs, within this region, the club also became members of the two local associations, the East Midlands Association of Motor Clubs (EMAMC) and the Association of Northern Motor Clubs (ANCC).

In 1976, the club dropped the Rotherham College of Technology, to become just Rotherham Motor Club. It was found that as students left the college, they stayed loyal to the club and because of the range of activities, the club was now getting involved in, the college was no longer needed as a source of members.

Members of the club have gone on to do Road Rallies, Stage Rallies, organised both of these events and marshalled on some of the greatest events in this country, the old Lombard RAC Rally and the old Mintex Rally of Yorkshire to name a couple.

The Rotherham Motor club currently has over 30 members, not many you may think, but all members are committed to whatever discipline of Motorsport they are into and they take part in a diverse range of motorsport activities.

These include

  • Navigational Exercises
  • Marshalling on both Road & Stage Rallies
  • Competing in Road Rallies, 12 Cars, Targa Rallies & AutoTest/Autosolos
  • Social Events

In 2024 RMC celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Photos by Ladythorpe