Rotherham Motor Club

The Rotherham Motor Club currently has over 30 members who take part in a diverse range of Motorsport activities.

These include: Road Rallies, Stage rallies, Autosolo’s (think Ken Block Gymkhana), Marhsalling, as well as social events.

The majority of our members just use the one car for all the events to ensure they get the best value, this is perfectly possible and encouraged.

Why join the Rotherham Motor Club?

  • Wanting to meet like minded people who are motor sport enthusiasts?
  • Would like to compete in Motorsport but unsure who to ask?
  • Enjoy track days but looking for that something a bit extra?
  • Want to get involved but worried you not at a competitive level?
  • Want to find a Motorsport which is affordable (in many cases less than half the price of a track day!)

If you answer yes to any of the above – then we look forward to meeting you.

Weekly Motor Club Meeting

We meet every Thursday night at 8pm at the Bayhorse Pub, Scholes Village, Rotherham, S61 2RQ.

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