Event Marshalling

Marshals are required for every form of motorsport and this is a good way of introducing yourself to whatever form of motorsport, you may wish to enter. By marshalling before embarking on a specific discipline, you have the opportunity to see the sport at close quarters, giving you an insight of what you would require and how it is done.

As a club, Rotherham Motor Club have provided marshals for local autotest/autosolo’s, night road rallies and stage rallies right up to International events such as the Rally GB in Wales, a WRC event.

If anyone is interested in marshalling any event, they only have to ask Dave Winter or the clubs Chief Marshal for details on how to get started, who to go with and what equipment you would require. In order to marshal on Stage Rally events, the MSA insist on trained and registered marshals, courses for this training are being run on a regular basis and can be organised on your behalf to attend one.